Business Segments

Our products, services and initiatives are built on hybrid online or offline delivery modules in mind

ACE Edventure Sri Emas

At Ace EdVenture Sri Emas International School, we provide a holistic and rigorous academic program through which effective educators lead students to become:
  • better thinkers
  • independent lifelong learners
  • focusing on helping them seek and feed their passion or interest

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ACE Edventure Dwi Emas

At Ace EdVenture Dwi Emas International School, students learn entrepreneurship whether it’s through starting their own businesses or thinking like an entrepreneur. The end results are:
  • the acquired 21st Century skills
  • heightened awareness of how the world works so they thrive when they’re out there.

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ACE Edventure Biosphere Academy

Ace EdVenture Biosphere Academy aim to reshape the world through the convergence of Education, Environment and Entrepreneurship.

Thus our K-12 Learning Institution dedicated to create sustainable environment, in which each learner is fully equipped with required skills for the 21st century while creating concepts into sustainable business opportunities as an environmental entrepreneur.

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Upcoming Products, Services & Initiatives

Ace EdVenture in Penang (TBA)

Ace EdVenture International School in Penang (TBA) is the debut of Ace 2.0 group of schools that aims to offer parents an exponential upgrade at affordable price from the public school system in collaboration with the long term landlords. The idea is these set of schools about merging both ambitious/progressive world class curriculums and facilities together with the groundedness of location and subsidised school fees.

Global Established Online Learning Platform

A Complete Online Education Solution with Full British Curriculum for: Homeschoolers | Students at traditional schools | Comprehensive tutor centre | School educational support services

The platform is designed by educators, educational psychologists, machine-learning experts, and data scientists – the personalised study paths ensure progressive improvement to academic mastery.

The platform has over 900,000+ users.

Online Learning Business Intelligence

Business education and intelligence sharing platform:
  • Eight systems of intelligence in business that is critical to the success of each entrepreneur
  • Relevant for a small business owner, franchisee corporation, business hub or expert
  • Content blueprint is designed to set each entrepreneur up for success, which we define as having PROSPERITY, FREEDOM and PURPOSE

European Edtech Certification Body (EECB)

A science-based quality standard & certification body for educational products and services. Their certification aim to be the benchmark for superior quality for education as it’s a quality accreditation based on the strongest education brand in the world – Finland.

European Global Bank Online / Offline Learning Delivery

  • Focuses its activity on financial, economic, management and career path management education for children and young people.
  • Trained over 125,000 students in Central Europe in Financial Literacy.
  • More than 20 years of professional experience and with full time employed tutors.
  • Its success can be attributed to the fact that it continuously adopts the most prominent trends of the youth and the challenges they face.